Art. 1. Organization

The organization is run by Elitechip SL, and they organize the Fornells Half Marathon and the Fornells 10 KM, to be held on April 17, 2021.

Art. 2. Distance

The distances will be in meters, and will be those that correspond to the half marathon (21,097 meters) and 10 km. (10,000 meters).

Art. 3. Route

The Half Marathon route will start in Es Mercadal towards Fornells along the Tramuntana road with the finish line in Fornells. The 10 km race. It will start at km 11 of the half marathon circuit, and will end in Fornells. The services area (cloakroom, provisioning services, etc.) will be located in the Meta area.

Art. 4. Categories

The categories, both male and female, of the Fornells Average are the following:

• Absolute

• Senior (Up to 39 years old)

• Junior (Born in 2000-2001)

• Veterans 40 (From 40 to 49 years old)

• Veterans 50 (From 50 to 59 years old)

• Veterans 60 (From 60 years old)

The categories, both male and female, of the 10 Km Fornells are as follows:

• Absolute

A category will be considered formed when there is an enrollment of more than 3 athletes per category; When a category is made up of less than 3 athletes, it will become part of the lower age category, never higher age.

Art. 5. Minimum Age

The minimum age to participate will be 18 years old on the same day of the event in the Fornells Half Marathon, and no underage athlete will be allowed to participate. And 16 years old at 10 km from Fornells with parental authorization for minors.

Art. 6. Classifications

The following classifications will be established: an absolute general, another by categories, which determine the winners of each category in order of arrival at the finish line.

Art. 7. Schedule

The departure time will be at 17:30 in Es Mercadal for the Half Marathon and the maximum time to complete the tour will be 2:40 hours. The 10 km start will be at 17:30 from the Tramuntana path, at the height of the Cavalry path.

Art. 8. Delivery of numbers

The delivery of numbers will take place in two locations:

AB Deportes, C / San Antonio Mª Claret, 101. Ciutadella

Friday, April 16 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Hostal Jeni, c / Mirada del Toro, 81. Es Mercadal

Saturday April 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Art. 9. Registrations

Registrations must be made before 9:00 p.m. on April 6, through the page

Art. 9.1.- Price

10 km Fornells – The registration fee is 12 euros from February 20, 2021; € 17 between 3-17-2021 and 4-6-2021. In these prices there is an increase of € 1 to all athletes NOT federated in the athletics federation.

Fornells Half Marathon – The registration fee is € 18 from February 20, 2021; € 23 between 3-17-2021 and 4-6-2021. In these prices there is an increase of € 1 to all athletes NOT federated in the athletics federation.

Art. 9.2. Out of time

All registrations after the deadline will have a price of € 25.

Art. 9.3. Chips rental

All athletes who do not own a yellow chip must pay € 2 for rent, the chip will be returned at the end of the race in the Elitechip tents.

9.4. Way to pay

The form of payment can be made at the same time that the registration is made, with a credit card. Registrations that are not accompanied by their corresponding payment receipt will not be accepted. In the event that a registration is made and for justifiable reasons you cannot participate, the organization will reserve your place for the next edition. In no case will there be a partial or complete return of the registration.

Art. 10. Trophies Gifts

There will be a trophy for the first 3 classified in the absolute general category and for the first 3 classified in each category.

Art. 11. Security

The security of the test will be covered by the competent authorities of the place (Civil Guard, Local Police, Civil Protection), and by the organization’s security service. The test will have a career doctor and the Red Cross service, with two ambulances located on the test route.

Art. 12. Control

The control of the Test will be in charge of the judge Referee delegate of the R.F.I.A. and by the committee of judges of the F.A.I.B, ​​who will be in charge of the control and classifications. The control of results will be carried out by means of the Champion system.

Art. 13. Acceptance of regulations

The simple fact of registering the test implies full acceptance of these regulations, as well as other provisions that the organization may determine for any reason. The organization of the event is not responsible for all situations or actions that may arise outside its competence or for which it is not directly responsible.

Art. 14. Bus Service

The organization will provide a bus service from the Fornells finish area to the departure area in Mercadal at a cost of € 3 per person. This service can be hired at the time of registration through the website. The bus will leave at 4.30 pm at the Fornells bus stop.

Participants of the 10KM must use the bus service until the start, paying € 2 for this service. You will not be able to access the starting area if it is not with the bus provided by the organization. This bus will leave at 5:00 p.m. from the Fornells bus stop.